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Use the lessons, below, to:. Ready for LGBT-specific lessons? In this lesson, participants will explore how self-identification can be empowering, and have discussions about what it means to be proud of the labels and identities that we all hold.

Rainbow Six Lesson Plans for Teachers

In this lesson, students will begin to explore transphobia and genderism by examining and expanding their definitions. Students will learn about ableism, ableist language, and how to act in allyship with people who have disabilities. As a class and in small groups, students will watch a video about pronouns, have a conversation about pronouns, and discuss misgendering. Since I haven't had much experience in the primary grades, I didn't feel that I wanted to try writing the poem as shared-writing.

Therefore, I assigned it as a small group project. We prepared by thinking about why we loved rainbows and how they made us feel.

Children's music Lesson Plans and educational materials with Jim Valley and Rainbow Planet

When my six groups had completed their poems and I read them, there were not any really outstanding ones. However, each one of them did have a part that created a lovely image.

How I Teach Friends Maps #2 - Siege School Mini-Lesson (Rainbow Six Siege)

I was able to take the best part from each of the poems and put them together to make one that worked for us. We were very proud of it because we each had created a part of it.

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We loved it even more when we heard the beautiful melody that Jim chose for it and were delighted that he put it on a CD. I enjoy listening to Jim's music and playing it for my students. The songs are happy and silly, uplifting and inspirational.

The Rainbow Fish Lesson Plans & Activities Package, Second Grade (CCSS)

The "Rainbow" song reminds us that together we can do more than we can do alone and that all of our personalities can blend together in friendship. Each color is special Each color is different Like the people of the earth When they blend together Blend together in friendship They create a gift of tremendous worth.

So let's all try to get along As we sing this wonderful song When we look at rainbows with a friend The colors will last and never ever end. Learn the motions using the movement sheets.

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Click Here for "Friendship Train" Movements. Students who learn the song complete with actions are also using cross body motions which strengthen learning capacity.

Multiple Intelligence Activities. Then have students trace a boxcar out of construction paper. Students each write their name and list qualities the feel they have as a friend on the boxcar. The boxcars are then "linked " together on the wall to form a class Friendship Train.