Die Pfeifer vom Dusenbach (German Edition)

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He, however, abandoned the medical profession for that of letters, and after engaging for some years in individual private study proceeded to Munich, Where he associated with men of letters. After a residence in Stuttgart , where' for a short time he conducted the Schwabische Volks-Zeitung, he became editor in Flensburg of the N orddeutsche Zeitung. In he again returned to Kiel, lived from to in Freiburg im Breisgau, and since has been resident in Munich.


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The German Empire consisted of 26 constituent territories, with most being ruled by royal families and this included four kingdoms, six grand duchies, five duchies, seven principalities, three free Hanseatic cities, and one imperial territory. Although Prussia became one of kingdoms in the new realm, it contained most of its population and territory.

Its influence also helped define modern German culture, after , the states of Germany had rapidly become industrialized, with particular strengths in coal, iron, chemicals, and railways. In , it had a population of 41 million people, and by , a heavily rural collection of states in , now united Germany became predominantly urban. During its 47 years of existence, the German Empire operated as an industrial, technological, Germany became a great power, boasting a rapidly growing rail network, the worlds strongest army, and a fast-growing industrial base.

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In the First World War, German plans to capture Paris quickly in autumn failed, the Allied naval blockade caused severe shortages of food. Germany was repeatedly forced to send troops to bolster Austria and Turkey on other fronts, however, Germany had great success on the Eastern Front, it occupied large Eastern territories following the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. German declaration of unrestricted submarine warfare in early was designed to strangle the British, it failed, but the declaration—along with the Zimmermann Telegram—did bring the United States into the war.

Meanwhile, German civilians and soldiers had become war-weary and radicalised by the Russian Revolution and this failed, and by October the armies were in retreat, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire had collapsed, Bulgaria had surrendered and the German people had lost faith in their political system.

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The Empire collapsed in the November Revolution as the Emperor and all the ruling monarchs abdicated, and a republic took over. The German Confederation had been created by an act of the Congress of Vienna on 8 June as a result of the Napoleonic Wars, German nationalism rapidly shifted from its liberal and democratic character in , called Pan-Germanism, to Prussian prime minister Otto von Bismarcks pragmatic Realpolitik.

He envisioned a conservative, Prussian-dominated Germany, the war resulted in the Confederation being partially replaced by a North German Confederation in , comprising the 22 states north of the Main. The new constitution and the title Emperor came into effect on 1 January , during the Siege of Paris on 18 January , William accepted to be proclaimed Emperor in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles.

The second German Constitution was adopted by the Reichstag on 14 April and proclaimed by the Emperor on 16 April, the political system remained the same. The empire had a parliament called the Reichstag, which was elected by universal male suffrage, however, the original constituencies drawn in were never redrawn to reflect the growth of urban areas.

He was born in Meiningen, the eldest son of the apparent to the duchy of Saxe-Meiningen, Prince Georg and his second wife. His father succeeded to the throne in , Ernst pursued a career in the army and retired as colonel in the Prussian cavalry.

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He received a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Jena. Ernst was married, morganatically, in Munich on 20 September , to Katharina Jensen, daughter of the painter Marie, not permitted to share her husbands dynastic title, his wife was created Baroness von Saalfeld on their wedding day by Ernsts father, Georg II. Despite his unequal marriage, Ernst retained his rights to the duchy of Saxe-Meiningen. Landvogt — The territory or area of responsibility of a Vogt is called a Vogtei.

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The term also denotes a mayor of a village, the range of social status and degrees of responsibility of persons so titled varied greatly, from the humble—the equivalents of the English reeve or bailiff—to the very elevated. The concept of the Vogt was related to the Old German idea of the Munt, or guardian, such representatives had been assigned to the church since late antiquity, as it was not supposed to act for itself in worldly affairs. Beyond that, he administered the high justice instead of the count from the Vogt court, in the German-ruled Holy Roman Empire, the term Vogt can refer to two different offices, church vogt or imperial vogt.

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Imperial vogts are further subdivided into land vogts and city vogts, in addition, the term vogt was used for administrative officers of territorial rulers, such as bailiffs. In private and family monasteries the proprietor himself often also held the office of Vogt, in Austria, the teaching of the Church that, according to canon law individuals were prohibited from exercising authority over Church property, was only with reluctance accepted by the nobles. An imperial Vogt was an officer of the king, who served as administrator and judge of a subdivision of royal property, the seat of an imperial Vogt was often at an imperial city.

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