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Gender and traumatic brain injury: do the sexes fare differently? Brain Inj. Sandhaug M.

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Andelic N. Vatne A. Seiler S. Mygland A.

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Functional level during sub-acute rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury: course and predictors of outcome. Schopp LH. Shigaki CL.

The Last Conquest: A Dystopian Society in a Post-Apocalyptic World

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American Heart Association: Cardiovascular Daily. Kramer JH. Reed BR. Mungas D. Weiner MW. Chui HC. Executive dysfunction in subcortical ischaemic vascular disease. Schmidt R. Fazekas F. Offenbacher H. Dusek T. Zach E. Reinhart B. Grieshofer P. Freidl W. Eber B. Schumacher M. Koch M. Lechner H. Neuropsychologic correlates of MRI white matter hyperintensities: a study of normal volunteers.

Burke JF. Stulc JL. Skolarus LE. Sears ED. Zahuranec DB. Morgenstern LB. Traumatic brain injury may be an independent risk factor for stroke. Traumatic brain injury as a chronic health condition. Institute of Medicine. Dahdah MN. Barisa MT. Schmidt K. Barnes SA. Dubiel R. Dunklin C. He wrote and self-published his autobiography, Endless Miracles. Now when he speaks to high-school students, he has them consider that at the age they entered as freshmen, he entered the ghetto.

You become a junior? He graduated to a concentration camp. Senior, traveling to see which college might tempt you? But he takes some anyway because it makes the memory more real, somehow. No, I never got anything from anybody. She lives in a spacious, clean apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, under the alert and protective care of her daughter and son. In her living room, on a polished-wood credenza, sits a beautiful ceramic bust of her late husband, and on the walls hang tastefully framed oil paintings.

I am 45 and have only heard or seen a handful of experiences that took place during the holocaust. I am so sorry that with all of the hardships you have endured your now paying a debt of being elderly. I am disabled, but I wish I could help in some way. I am 53 years of age. I am a teacher, and therefore, have a passion to teach my elementary children about the beautiful things in life, besides the everyday curriculum. When I try to explain to them of the beauties of freedom and how blessed they are, in my heart of hearts, I remember the Holocaust.

It is with poignant consideration for the millions of innocent people who suffered greatly and those who continued to suffer, that I pledge to teach compassion and respect to my children, that they may be strong and stand for the right so that such a terrible and horrific repetition of history may never occur. If anyone is aware of Holocaust survivors in the San Diego, CA area, please notify me as I would like to honor them, embrace them, and wish them blessings. I will not hesitate. There is a purpose for which I was born, and this is part of it.

Of that, I am certain. I was born 10 years after the end of the war. My father fought in the war to stop the holocaust. I am so sorry that ever happened and will never forget. I will be sure my children tell my eight grandchildren what happened. God have mercy. I, as a minister am so proud of you my Jewish brothers and sisters for taking a stand for who you are my friends.

My wife and I love the Jewish people so much. We had the privilege in Tennessee U. Her name was Yvonne Pennick. She sat in our automobile with us and told us her story! Jeremiah ! We love you all my Jewish brothers and sisters!! Researchers and pharmaceutical companies worldwide have failed to produce drugs to cure dementia.

This leads to the loss of connections between nerve cells, and eventually to nerve cell death and loss of brain tissue. Although drugs can slow memory decline or temporarily enhance neuro-transmission and alleviate behavioural symptoms, there is no turning back from dementia. In South Africa, there is little data on dementia. This means it does not feature high in statistics on causes of mortality or on burden of disease. To redress the lack of prevalence data, we launched collaborative studies with Dementia-SA.

We piloted culturally and educationally fair cognitive tests for dementia screening in Khayelitsha. In addition, medical students assessed knowledge, awareness and beliefs about dementia in the township. Our study showed there is low awareness and knowledge about dementia among urban Xhosa-speaking people. Although most people surveyed were tolerant towards people with dementia, nearly one in five knew of an older person who had been abused because of dementia. Abuse included being locked in the house, stolen from, starved, verbally and physically abused, neglected and raped.

Our study revealed that highly skilled and local community health outreach workers are crucial to successfully screen, provide health care services and follow up dementia cases. Also, an innovative speaking book, in isiXhosa and English, helps us share educational information across all age groups about understanding and caring for persons living with dementia. To prevent and reduce dementia, the South African government should introduce policies to modify lifestyle factors.

Any research should be in line with international perspectives. It aimed to:. In South Africa we are a few steps behind the UK.