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When the puzzle pieces slowly turn into a p What a shining gem this is!! First I thought Enzo was a softy but ha! He got a mouth so witty I loved it! Florian, dear Florian, what he has to go through, my heart hurts. This story was absolute amazingly written, detailed environments and detailed with all the feelings.

I felt all the emotions. This journey was clear and had a beautifully build up, every time a piece was revealed my mind shuddered, I was speechless. The alternating between past and present was so well done. The author takes us in an excellent way into the world of the deaf.

I always wanted to learn ASL and now even more. The whole story was so realistic, the natural way of rebuilding a relationship, flawed characters, failing lovers and failing friends and families, also a lot of good discussions about life and the purpose of it. Last but not least we can enjoy some delicious bed-bathroom-shower-couch scenes. The moments where beautiful French words were spoken was incredible romantic.

A widely written story, in a comfortable pace, wonderful developed, it had a clear intelligent vision and beautiful woven sentences. It had touching passages, witty comments and a good sense of humor. There are heartbreaking moments, all deeply moving illustrated. The story is about second chances, annoying and cruel ex partners, lovely friends, trust, letting go, giving over and finally be free to stand up for who you are and love the one you love.

Highly recommended! Mar 15, Christelle rated it liked it Shelves: disability , stars , mm-second-chance , standalone-in-series , mm-steamy , arc.

Enzo and Florian are both in their mid-twenties and each dealing with a past relationship that went sour. When they meet after an eight-year separation, they click right away again, remembering their shared past, learning who they have become, getting some light about what set them apart and what kind of struggles they overcame or have still to deal with. And along this sweet romance with endearing characters, each in their own way, with their flaws but also with their strengths, some issues are addressed such as the bias against the hearing-impaired community, homophobia, and bi-erasure.

I felt some parts could have been more developed so that I could be more drawn by this romance, and my sappy side prefers an HEA rather than an HFN, but it was a pleasant read nonetheless, especially as I got really fond of the character of Enzo. My only niggle : no sense of places. If not from a few mentions of the story being set in Nancy a beautiful city located in the North-East of France or some French words sometimes used, I might not have noticed the MCs are French nor that the story takes place in France.

It was mostly nondescript on that front. Mar 27, haletostilinski rated it really liked it Shelves: happy-ending , angst , mm-romance , romance , no-cheating. I really loved Florian and Enzo together and they were both great characters. But what brought this down for me was ultimately - except for a few characters here and there - the secondary characters. I know MC's are the most important part which is why I ultimately still liked this book and rounded up instead of down but a lot of the secondary characters were almost written Florian walks in on his 3.

Florian walks in on his girlfriend fucking his best friend, and the first thing she does when she sees him is smirk sadistically. Immediately it was like I know there are people who don't feel bad about cheating, but are they ever almost freaking evil about it? I don't know. It was off putting. Then she's blaming Florian for her doing it - second strike. Although not unusual for people to do that too, it was the way she did it. How nonsensical she was. And again, I know there are biphobic people, but In a flashback we see her being biphobic and horrible to Florian and it's like It just pissed me off.

And of course Enzo's ex-boyfriend was horrible too. He'd been cheating on Enzo as well probably the whole - again, 3 years - they were together, and he grew up with a deaf mother but was horribly ableist and thought deaf people should accommodate to the hearing world, not that hearing people should try to change their attitudes and understand what deaf people go through and be kind and respectful.

Like wow I feel sorry for his mother if she had to deal with this attitude of his all these years. Enzo's best friend Patrick got better near the end of the book, but he never apologized for the biphobic shit he said earlier in the book at all, so fuck him. I know that's weird to say, but it seemed almost everyone they met or knew outside of a few friends said either homophobic or biphobic shit, and it was pretty obvious, in your face phobic shit too.

At one point Florian and Enzo run into these girls and one of them says she has a cousin who is gay and do they know him?? And I know shit like that happens, I know people have those attitudes I mean You have never met this person - in Paris at that, a huge city- before and you think they'll know your gay cousin? Ugh people I swear to god. But it felt like one thing after another in this book and I was like There was only like two or three friends of theirs that were cool and understanding. Even Patrick, who should have been awesome, was biphobic, so Enzo's sister was okay, but we only saw her in like two scenes.

Enzo's parents were cool about his sexuality as well, but then with what they did with no real explanation as to why after the attack happened There was no hope for Florian's parents I was just I feel like there are good people out there and not everyone is so bad. Or maybe we could have just gotten more people around these two great characters who were supportive and nice and kind, is all I'm saying, if that makes sense. But anyway, Florian and Enzo themselves were awesome and I loved them together. They were both so good to each other and so in love with each other. They had great chemistry too and they really are what saved this book for me, and thankfully they were the main focus so they drown out all the other nasty secondary characters.

So I rounded up for their great relationship, but there was just too much that bothered me for me to give this a full 4 stars. I would recommend this just for Florian and Enzo's relationship, but just be prepared for the assholes all around them when going into this. Mar 18, Joyfully Jay rated it it was ok Shelves: michelle. A Joyfully Jay review. The story opens with Florian and Enzo in present day as they are both coming out of messy breakups.

Both of their exes were portrayed as awful, yet both Florian and Enzo continually gave them the benefit of the doubt and both exes were too present in the story. When the men meet again, we quickly learn they had a history, but the chemistry wa A Joyfully Jay review. The story read as disjointed to me as flashbacks were added in to show what happened to both Enzo and Florian and the flow of it was not a smooth read.

Read Michelle's review in its entirety here. Mar 08, Kirstin rated it it was amazing. I love a second chances story and this one was breathtaking. Written just beautifully. Enzo and Florian were best friends and lovers in high school. They were sneaky about their relationship until they were caught in public and assaulted. Neither of them were the same after. The story is told in third person with dual POV's, which is my favorite, so bonus for me!

After the assault, Enzo becomes deaf. His life is impacted and altered with this new condition and the way I love a second chances story and this one was breathtaking. His life is impacted and altered with this new condition and the way he embraces this and overcomes it is just magical.

He was so heroic. The character of Enzo was written so amazingly well, he was so full of humility. I fell in love with him instantly. Florian was full of past pain and had so much lingering hurt, it was awesome to see how much he grew and opened up when he was in Enzo's presence. Their relationship was so inspiring. I really loved so many things about this story.

The characters were so sincere and lovely. The writing was engaging and meaningful. It was just a great tale full of feeling and joy. Feb 09, Scooby2 rated it really liked it. Both of them grew as characters and as a couple. I felt that it made them stronger as a couple and as individuals. I give this story 4 stars. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Mar 17, K. Phoenix rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary , bisexual-characters , ptsd-and-other-issues , re-reads , star-reviews , book-love , emotional-reads , self-discovery , cute-and-sweet , great-secondary-characters. So much heart, incredible! I loved this story. An epic second chance romance, eight years in the making. That being said these elements could be triggering for some readers.

Please read carefully. Enzo and Florian are perfect together! They happen upon each other at the near perfect time in their adult lives and they realize their passion and love for each other never faded! This is of course not true and the parents simply want someone to blame, which is ridiculous! Florian is disowned by his parents after the attack and forced to live on the streets until a friend finds him and his family takes him in.

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Rowan does an incredible job create the emotions around these situations, I felt the frustrations, dislike, outrage, confusion, betrayal etc for each character! While the story is not overly long is is an incredible journey and epic second chance for Enzo and Florian. A highly recommended read and I very much look forward to more stories from France by Rowan! Loved it!! Thanks for reading! Mar 16, ButtonsMom rated it it was amazing Shelves: xd-assigned-read.

A great story, hard to believe it's this author's debut novel. I really loved this story. Friends to Lovers and Second Chance stories are my favorites and this one is great. Enzo and Florian were dating in high school and then something horrible happened that tore them apart. And the thing about that is neither of them knew exactly what was going on.

They meet again, unexpectedly, and the spark of attraction is still there but both of them are on the rebound and don't know whether or not to trust A great story, hard to believe it's this author's debut novel. They meet again, unexpectedly, and the spark of attraction is still there but both of them are on the rebound and don't know whether or not to trust their feelings. They rekindle their friendship and things progress from there.

The story had just the right balance of angst and romance. While there was dark content in the story, I thought the author handled it well. I've read very few books with deaf characters and I loved how Enzo was portrayed as a confident young man who didn't let his hearing loss hold him back. Rewind also contains an interesting cast of secondary characters and I'm looking forward to reading the next book by Ms. View 2 comments. Mar 17, Angie Elle added it. I always say that you can tell so much about the main characters by who they surround themselves with.

Well aside from the token 'one good friend,' both of these men have surrounded themselves with such jerks. And the whole 'woe is me' for being broken up with when you should have done the breaking up ages ago is overdone. I don't need characters who are feeling bad for themselves and presented as having to fight the world to be together.

I feel like I've read it times, and it's just not my thing. There is enough of an obstacle between these men with their shared past. A more in depth look at that could have been interesting. A good potential plot, but it fell flat for me. Mar 03, Amy Aislin rated it really liked it Shelves: angst , series , arc , boys-who-like-boys , lovers-reunite , second-chance-romance , family-drama , contemporary. I really enjoyed this debut novel by Rowan Shaw. The main characters, Enzo and Florian, are both sympathetic characters, flawed yet relatable.

Second chance romances don't always work for me, but this one was beautifully written and nicely executed. Where I struggled a little bit was in the characterizations. In regards to their personal lives, Enzo and Florian have similar emotional wounds that are both recent. My other niggle is with Enzo's relationship with his mom This plot point never got resolved, and by the end of the book, I'm left wondering what happened there.

Movies worth watching. Again.

But despite this, I found myself engrossed in the novel and in Enzo and Florian's personal struggles. Enzo especially was so loveable, and I loved watching his character evolve. He lives with a disability and I thought the way the author depicted it in his every day life was very well done. It really opened to my eyes to some of the pushback people with this disability receive in real life. Florian, too, had a great character arc, and while neither Enzo or Florian have had it easy in life, the way they bring happiness out in each other was lovely to watch.

Overall, an enjoyable novel that's well-written and engaging. May 07, R. Sorrento rated it it was amazing. Second chance romance with positive bi rep? I really enjoyed this book. I mean this shouldn't be a shocker at this point. I like the angst, the connections, the struggles - it just gives me feels. We're going in Oh the characters, lets see if I can do this without rambling. Enzo was definitely a cutie, very much naive innocent cutie pie. Yep, that is how I am going to describe him entirely. Honestly even though I can say I really did enjoy his character I still felt he was rather lack luster, not memorable.

Not in necessarily a bad way, but just simply wasn't eye catching. I did love his personal struggles both with his ex which played a huge hindrance on his self-esteem but also himself and his friend. But again, with that being said, he was simply someone who lacked a back bone, for obvious reasons yes, but I still felt there was more of a growth or potential for his character that wasn't entirely evolved until sixty percent of the novel.

With that being said he did finally step up his game, having his voice heard, especially considering his disability. It just made his character shine more, just would have preferred more of that strong willed male character through more of the novel and not so much as the backbone to the ending of the book.

As for Florian, ah, where to start. I think I am the hugest critic when it comes to the first person who is introduced and Florian is that character today. He was more or less the most annoying character. I think what most annoyed me with his personality is how he handled many situations. He complained and then he sulked, he pushed people away thinking he could solve the problem himself by removing himself, and honestly this is just a horrible personality trait in my opinion. It added more drama that in my opinion was unnecessary. On top of this, the secondary characters that surrounded the build of Florian's situation was ultimately lack luster and redundant.

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The constant reminder of his bad choice in friends was adamant and his girlfriend, seriously what was her continued purpose again? It just baffled me how back and forth his character was with the growth, it honestly took a good while for his character to really push away from this persona and really shine. Now that I think of it Both have friends who say they are looking out for them but really just seemed to drag their characters down.

Didn't really pick up on that until I started rambling I think that added to their growth, really it did. One thing I will admit is their chemistry and connection was great. Florian may be an annoying character but him with Enzo made me swoon. Mix in all their angsty drama from past and present, it was a whirlwind of a romance. So one thing I should mention is that Enzo and Florian knew one another previously, as in high school buddies and first time lovers, at least in the experimental sense discovering themselves and their sexuality.

But it didn't end well, for either. I think I liked this about their characters more than anything else, this is really what developed their growth for themselves and for the romance itself. They really depending on the other's acceptance. I think this was actually the entirety of my enjoyment if I am being honest. I liked how they developed together emotionally and mentally. It was very beautiful. They overcame so much from their past just by rekindling their feelings. Enzo and Florian were decently developed characters with a hot shade of internal struggles.

Regardless of my personal pet peeves with the characters I still admit that this was worth the read. I can honestly never pass up a second chance romance with angst. It was great. View 1 comment. Mar 18, Jenny Wood rated it liked it.

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Alright… I had a hard time with this one. The way in whic Alright… I had a hard time with this one. The two of these guys were cute together.


I enjoyed watching them get to know each other all over again and reminisce here and there about the past…. But what irritated me to no end, is the terrible terrible terrible people that just kept getting away with being terrible people! He was so condescending and belittling to Enzo, and nobody ever done anything about it. So, yeah… it was a hard read for me. Angsty and just ridiculous in some parts that I never felt were justifiable….

And I just have such a pet peeve for people who get away with being terrible people. Apart from that, it did have a happy ending for the couple and I was glad for that. They really did make a cute couple, and I love second chancers. Mar 25, Estella Mirai rated it it was amazing. Rewind is a beautiful, thoughtful, second-chance romance centered around two heroes who are sure to win your heart! I honestly loved just about everything about this story I was rooting for them to find happiness together from the start, and enjoyed every step of the sometimes slow, sometimes passionate, and always heartfelt path they took to get there.


Anyone who knows m Rewind is a beautiful, thoughtful, second-chance romance centered around two heroes who are sure to win your heart! Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE books that take me somewhere I've never been, and one of the biggest reasons I was excited about this story was its setting in France. I personally loved that aspect of the story, and am grateful to Shaw for giving me this chance not only to visit as a tourist, but to "live" Enzo's and Florian's lives with them through the course of the story.

While the book definitely never felt preachy or intentionally "educational," I did learn a lot, and that's something I definitely enjoy in a read! Now, there is a lot of homophobia and biphobia in particular in this book, including some violence. There's nothing gory or overly explicit, but that is something to be aware of. I'm mainly including this because it could be triggering for some readers, but I felt that it was respectfully handled, and if you're in a good mental health place to deal with it, I though it was a well-written if sometimes realistically uncomfortable subplot.

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Honestly, though, the main draw for me was the two main characters. I loved the mutual respect and consent that was at the core of their relationship, and the way the sex scenes managed to be both steamy and character-building. To be honest, I often skim over sex scenes that are there purely for titillation I really enjoyed these sex scenes though, because they were definitely explicit without going over the edge into "how many adjectives for bodily fluids can we find?

So, no, this wasn't a light and fluffy read, but it wasn't really an angst-fest either. It felt to me like a realistic romance that has a little fluff and a little angst And after all, when you pick up a romance, isn't that mostly what you're here for? I absolutely can't wait for the next book in the series!

Mar 16, Amanda rated it liked it. An LGBT second chance love story about two men broken by the same trauma and finding peace in each other after being reunited. The main characters, Enzo and Florian, were real and flawed. Florian struggled with his bisexual identity, because his friends and family just didn't understand how he could enjoy both sexes.

He carried around a ton of guilt over the incident with Enzo, and he never re 3. He carried around a ton of guilt over the incident with Enzo, and he never really forgave himself. I gravitated more toward Enzo, after what he went through, he was so strong, brave and proud. Yes, he had lasting effects of that horrible day both physical and emotionally but that didn't stop him from trying to live his best life. He taught sign language and spent all his free time volunteering and helping others in any way he can. Also, he was adorable when he would get shy and bashful. I think my absolute favorite aspects of the story was how Florian not once saw Enzo's being deaf as a disability and embraced it as a part of him.

Besides the easy friendship between the two of them, the sexual chemistry between them was passionate and loving. The story itself was heartbreaking at times. The struggles both these brave men faced are real issues for many people in the world. As someone who accepts and embraces people sexual preferences, it blows my mind that others can be so ignorant and hateful.

The dialogue seemed a bit forced and choppy at times but overall I think the author did a good job telling these characters' story. Rewind is the first standalone in the universe that author Rowan Shaw has created, and I am looking forward to reading the books to come. I received a free copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads 4 Somber Stars Rewind is Rowan Shaw's debut novel, which captured me with the blurb from the start.

I was looking for something unique in a sea of sameness. A deaf character intrigued me, wanting to see how the author wrote him. The locale was a nice change of scenery, especially the French peppered in, without it coming off as confusing for those who don't speak the language. I'm also a sucker for second-chance romance, so I received a free copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads 4 Somber Stars Rewind is Rowan Shaw's debut novel, which captured me with the blurb from the start.

I'm also a sucker for second-chance romance, so I forgave myself for taking a break from working to read this novel. The overall emotion for the novel left me feeling sad for some reason. While it wasn't a difficult read, or overly emotional, there was some mildly dark content hate-driven speech and events , so I wouldn't call it light and fluffy either.

I add this, simply because mood matters when reading a novel- choosing a book to fit the mood, so to speak. Enzo and Florian both come off as angsty and brooding to me, with good reason, so the balance wasn't there that I generally enjoy. The past connected them, but in the present, it's similar situations that place them in each other's paths. To me, it was as if they never would have been together had others not betrayed their trust, which made it hard for me to buy into the present relationship.

Where the novel shined for me was in the past, back when Enzo and Florian were teenagers. While I appreciated what was occurring in the present, the past intrigued me more. Maybe it's my great love of the young adult genre, but I felt the past was written better than the present. Tighter, more emotion. Had the book only taken place in the present, I wouldn't have been able to buy into their relationship. I did have a difficult time with the Point-of-View switching up between the two characters, both in first-person, especially when combined with going back and forth from present to past.

This offered some confusion for me, where it took a bit to distinguish who and when. For Sasha, it seems that the only thing more difficult than making this movie would have been not making this movie. That process was clearly a nightmare. It only gets scarier from there. As a kid, he and his sister wondered what they did to deserve this. In a family where that role has been diluted by generations of darkness, Sasha arrives at a definition he can pass down with pride.

For him, it means protecting the ones you love. It means sharing an unspeakably painful story so that others might feel more comfortable doing the same. To borrow a phrase that young Sasha wrote on the videotapes he made after his abuse began, it means never erasing certain things, or recording over them ever ever ever.

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