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There is to be no foreplay, no slow arousal, lips and tongues and fingers — but there is no need, on either side. Still I gasp at the first penetrating thrust.

A young paleontologist makes the find of his life.

For all the countless pricks I have taken since that long ago and far away first, my pussy is still quite narrow and tight against the primary lunges. I gasp against the first clash of our pubic bones, the little splat of water against the slap of our bellies.

But pain becomes part of the pleasure, matching the fierce burn within. The long column bores in, possessing me, ploughing to the very cervix. The battering rapidity of the thrusts increases.

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Mattius no longer holds my bum. Instead he hooks the backs of my splayed knees over his arms, which reach out to seize the edge of the canoe, and the backs of my ankles rest on his shoulders, my kicking feet breaking surface. I am riding on the battering heave of the brown body cleaving me.

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Mattius is driving up into me now, a fury that sends the boat rocking madly until I am sure it must capsize on top of us. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books.

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But when the book is viewed through a smartphone app, the undergarments disappear and users can view the sexual positions as interactive 3-D holograms, and can even choose the skin color of the erotic acrobats. Small Demons, the Web site created by Richard Nash and Valla Vakili, converts and organizes narrative fiction and non-fiction books into cultural references and thus recommends books, movies, music, and even food. Oh, it recommends fashion, too. Want to know the most-referenced song in all literature?

How Fifty Shades Of Grey has led to a boom in raunchy reading material

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