Children of the Wind

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Hiding in the wheat field From the Cossacks and the screams Flames are on the hillside. Blood is in the streams All the world is burning That's the way that it seems David, did they hurt you, darling? Show me where they hurt you, darling Every night it fills my dreams I see us running through the forest And there's forty miles to go Sneaking past the border in the silent snow Sleeping under haystacks Eating roots where they grow Begging on the pier at Danzig Well, we made it here from Danzig What's another mile or so?

We're children of the wind Blown across the earth Pieces of a heart Scattered worlds apart So far from those we love All the children Of the wind There's a morning I want someday to see All the children of my children are there And they're very, very noisy running through my kitchen And we've been there For a lifetime And I know then They will never be Children of the wind Longing to be one Half a world away We will make a way Great ships and iron trains Cross the seas and plains Take us to the day Bring us to the shore No more The children of the wind.

Bruce Cockburn: Child Of The Wind (2009)

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More remarkable: Bonaire produces world champions in every age category of the ProKids competitions. Our documentary will follow these children from their modest beginnings to the cover of magazines and what they learned in the process; how they took their fame and returned it back to the local people with humility and pride.

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This is a story of how powerful change can come from children willing and strong enough to persevere through physical discipline. It is a story of children brave enough to push beyond the perceived limits of their circumstance and offer new hope to their community.

Children of the Wind Movie

With veteran feature film cinematographer Peter Robertson of Atonement and James Bond: Quantum of Solace behind the camera, combined with the latest technology in HD filmmaking, Children of the Wind will bring to viewers an unforgettable and explosive experience. We will make use of archival footage, interviews, lifestyle and action scenes to tell the dynamic story of Bonaire's young windsurfers. We are currently fund raising for post-production, having just returned from a 3 week shoot in Bonaire this past May