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Time is a 3D construct. Tips for working with this series :. We also need to transform our 3D physical bodies into higher frequency crystalline light-bodies. Too many people feel lost, uncertain or unable to begin The Shift or keep up with the changes the Earth shift provokes. They are overwhelmed at the idea of starting a spiritual path that involves time and effort, diligence or fortitude, because they already feel overwhelmed by needing these very qualities just to get through the day and are exhausted after a day of efforting.

What if you came home exhausted at the end of a day of giving and doing, depleted, angry perhaps or just despairing that every day is the same, feeling no real progress toward your own goals or believing your dreams are impossible? We see too much of this hopelessness and despair — doing for survival and to take care of those you love, but not to feed the soul — not generating more love and joy on the planet.

We wish to pour into you the very love and joy, lightness of spirit, comfort and upliftment that you wish you could give those you love, but feel you have no energy left to do so. We offer it with joy. And we welcome you to suckle at the breast of The Beloved. I asked what it represented and was directed to look up toward the stars. As I did, I saw brilliant starlight beaming onto earth, implanting Light Codes into the well prepared field. I now understand that the vision was showing me how Light Codes from the heavens, in the Language of Light, would seed the field of human consciousness.

And that this is my work — and the work of those who feel called to this journey with me Even is you do not speak light language, you can carry the frequencies in your filed and pass them to others like a Love Virus!. So I ask you to join me in sowing more Divine Light into the fertile fields of human consciousness and The New Earth potentials by sharing this work though social media.

The beautiful synergy is that, just by listening to these audio tracks with an open heart, you will carry these higher-light energies of Divine Love in your Light Body energy fields and share them as you go about your day like exchanging via blue tooth with others. We are always emitting something, so why not emit these daily blessings to those who are not even aware of their availability! You will be helping to awaken the sleepers so they can enjoy this gift of ascension too!

And please share with anyone you think would benefit and enjoy too! You are solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with your own medical care. If you have a Dropbox account with over 2. Otherwise you will need to download it to your computer. Playlists also make it easy to mark your favorites.

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That is, participants expressed an increased belief that there is continuity after death, e. From this it seems reasonable to think that one of the outcomes of the mystical experience was to convince volunteers that consciousness does continue after death. Additionally, as noted in a previous post , volunteers who experienced a complete mystical experience on psilocybin had a subsequent increase in the personality domain of openness to experience.

People high in openness to experience also tend to endorse more mystical and spiritual beliefs, although they may also endorse less conventional religious belief. Hence, people with certain personality traits as well as the desire for autognosis are probably more predisposed than others to seek some sort of spiritual awakening through psychedelic drugs. Having considered that psychedelic drugs may be conducive to mystical and spiritual beliefs and experiences, it may be worth considering what benefits psychedelic drug use might have.

Griffiths et al.

Having a mystical experience while on psilocybin appeared to play a central role in these high ratings of personal meaning and spiritual significance. Additionally, volunteers said that they experienced positive changes in their attitudes towards life and to the self, as well as increased positive mood and a sense of greater altruism Griffiths, et al. These self-ratings were confirmed by people who knew the volunteers well. The finding of increased altruism seems to concur with the finding by Lerner and Lyvers that psychedelic drug users reported greater concern for others compared to users of other drugs and non-drug users.

Additionally, a study I discussed elsewhere suggested that psilocybin could reduce anxiety and depression in people with terminal cancer. On the other hand, it might be tempting to expect too much from psychedelic drugs. Lerner and Lyvers noted that they were expecting that psychedelic drug users might cope better with stress than non-drug users because they believed that mystical and spiritual experiences would act as a buffer against stressful events.

On the contrary they found that psychedelic drug users did not differ from non-drug users in their self-reported ability to cope with stress. Interestingly, both of these groups did report better coping than users of other drugs. This seems to suggest that users of non-psychedelic drugs do not cope well with stress, and this may well be a factor in their drug use.

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More research may help to make these issues clearer. Additionally, Lerner and Lyvers were somewhat surprised to find that psychedelic drug users did not differ from the other groups in the value they placed on humility. Mystical experiences tend to be associated with a sense of self-transcendence that the authors initially thought might induce people to feel more humble about their place in the greater scheme of things and to attach less importance to their own ego.

However, this notion is debatable. Sceptical writer John Horgan considers that in some people mystical experiences could actually inflate their egos leading to grandiose beliefs about their superiority to others. One final note of caution I want to make is of a more philosophical nature. I think psychedelic drugs have great potential value, both as therapeutic tools and in research about the nature of the mind and consciousness.

Mystical experiences induced by these drugs appear to have quite profound personal significance for those who experience them. One of the apparent features of the psychedelic mystical experience is that people experience, at least temporarily, a sense that deep truths about the nature of objective reality are being revealed to them. After the psychedelic trip ends some people might come away convinced that these experiences are genuine indicators of something real, whereas others may conclude that the experiences are an illusion.

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I agree with Sam Harris who has stated that we need to make a distinction between describing the nature of the psychedelic experience and making claims about the nature of reality. He goes on to say that we need to be interested in the full spectrum of human experience and to be able to speak about it rationally without engaging in pseudoscience. Please do not reproduce without permission. Brief excerpts may be quoted as long as a link to the original article is provided. Psilocybin and personality.

Psilocybin and brain function. Psilocybin for anxiety and depression in cancer. Can the Experience of Awe Open the Mind? DMT, aliens and reality — part 1. DMT, aliens and reality — part 2. Griffiths, R. Psilocybin occasioned mystical-type experiences: immediate and persisting dose-related effects. Psychopharmacology , 4 , Mystical-type experiences occasioned by psilocybin mediate the attribution of personal meaning and spiritual significance 14 months later. Journal of Psychopharmacology, 22 6 , Psilocybin can occasion mystical-type experiences having substantial and sustained personal meaning and spiritual significance.

Psychopharmacology, 3 , Lerner, M. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 38 2 , MacLean, K. Journal of Psychopharmacology. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 43 3 , One thing I've always found interesting is how many psychadelic drug users come away sharing similar ideas about the nature of reality and spirituality. That so many come to these independently makes me wonder why there aren't more studies regarding the validity of their perceptions. This is a very interesting question.

The study of psychedelic drugs has only made a recent comeback after a decades long moratorium. I would like to see more studies, for example, on the brain processes underlying mystical and spiritual states. In a previous article I discussed a brain imaging study on the effects of psilocybin, but this had a small sample and provided mainly a comparison of the effects of the drug versus a placebo and so could not really link specific brain changes to particular experiences participants were having.

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  7. In another pair of articles here and here I discuss Rick Strassman's research on DMT in which he found that about half of his volunteers had vivid and often disturbing encounters with non-human entities. Not to mention the ever increasing demands to perform and be productive at higher rates.

    This is true for those in the good old fashion workplace, for entrepreneurs, the moms, dads and students. Not the nicest stuff to think about, I know, but this stuff happens so there is no reason to hide is my take on this!

    Dose of oxytocin may make men feel spiritual

    This is a biggie, especially here in North America, which reasons go way beyond this little article. Birth trauma, premature birth and surgical trauma when young under the age of 3 years are also big ones. In essence, all of these unfortunate circumstances can lead to emotional numbing. After all, that single mom that has to work two jobs and take care of her kids can really only do this by shutting down to some degree and powering through the fatigue.

    No matter how strong one is, we all need a break. Same goes for that person that experienced a lot of adversity early on, especially from within the family system.

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    A child is always caught in a double bind when the people that they depend on the most and are necessary for their survival are also the cause of their pain and suffering. To shutdown. To stop the feeling. The mindfulness paradox in the healing of feeling. But, buyer beware. Going into these practices without a strong connection to the physical body can leave your chronic stressors and traumas hanging in healing purgatory.

    These practices are often attractive because they bypass the tough, and often uncomfortable, body feelings that are necessary to process after a lifetime of numbing out. One surefire way to know this has happened is that you no longer really feel the emotional pain, yet the physical body is still not well, not healing, is always tired, depressed, anxious, troubled in relationship etc. The first step back into feeling is to re-orient back to the body.

    We literally get dis-embodied. We might disassociate from it to not feel the discomfort or pain.