Petite histoire de lintelligence économique : Une innovation (French Edition)

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Since then, he has renewed his mandate as an MEP by alternating his candidacy on French or German lists. In , he launched the "Europe Ecologie" movement, bringing together personalities from the political and associative sectors, capturing Xavier Durand.

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Simon Evenett. Professor Evenett's interests include protectionism, trade disputes, WTO and regional trade negotiations, emerging markets, and the manner in which firms actually compete internationally. He was educated at Cambridge and Yale universities, taking economics degrees at both. Professor Evenett comments frequently on leading international economic developments to the media and has authored or edited over articles, book chapters, and volumes.

Samuel Furfari. Ulysse Gosset. Bush at the White House, the world financial crisis and the G20 Summits. He was a correspondent in Moscow and Washington. Sylvie Goulard. Sylvie Goulard is deputy governor of the Banque de France since January , 18th. Between and , she was political advisor to Romano Prodi, during his time as President of the European Commission.

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As MEP, she was a member of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee coordinator, rapporteur of several files on Finance and Governance of the euro area and banking union ; she also chaired the parliamentary Intergroup fight against poverty — aiming at giving a voice to deprived people in the European institutions. She also worked at the French Conseil d'Etat.

She later moved into Sales and Marketing, taking charge of a customer relations centre, and then a marketing team responsible for preparing the liberalisation of the energy market in From the end of to the end of , she was Senior Vice President for Residential Customers at EDF, in charge of 5, employees working for around 25 million customers. Her achievements include launching the digital transformation strategy for residential customers and leading the innovation project that established the EDF Group in the smart home market by launching the subsidiary start-up, Sowee and its smart energy management device.

On the same date, she became Chairwoman of Dalkia Wastenergy, Dalkia's subsidiary specialising in the recovery of household waste. Julien Marcilly. Balladur from to and Chief of Staff to the information technology and space minister F. Fillon from to Benjamin Revcolevshi.

His experience has also been forged during 7 years in the accompaniment of the leaders of large French and international groups, in particular in industry and telecoms, within one of the world leaders in strategy consulting, The Boston Consulting Group. Pierre Sellal. Pierre Sellal, French ambassador, has dedicated most of his career to European affairs.

For ten years, until the end of , he was Ambassador and Permanent Representative of France to the European Union in Brussels, where he held several positions. He was therefore a direct stakeholder in all the major European negotiations. In addition, he held the highest positions of office in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as Chief of Staff to the Minister and then as General Secretary Jean-Dominique Senard.

Practical info. Any questions? Contact us by completing the form below. Live Tweet. As a leader in the credit insurance industry with over 70 years' experience, Coface's experts work at the heart of the economy, close to local realities: every day, Coface helps 50, customers around the world build successful, growing and dynamic businesses. Coface's core economic research covers country risk, business environment and sector analyses, published regularly throughout the year.

With the aim of sharing this expertise, the Coface Country Risk Conference has been giving a voice to specialists from the worlds of business, finance, civil society and economic research for more than twenty years. Legal information and data protection. Custom cookie consent.

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Please confirm the current step by clicking the "Save and Continue" button. Javascript is required to use this site. Please wait, emails are being generated and enqueued for sending. Separation type block transparent. You are about to permanently delete this guest. Please confirm deletion. You going to validate this participant. Are you sure? You going to refuse this participant. We believe healthier lives start with preventative care in the home. Our connected health platforms are designed to empower consumers to leverage cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence AI and Augmented Reality AR to make better decisions about their health and the health of their families.

At the same time, we enable Internet of Things IoT applications and devices to go further in connecting, interacting and delivering new insights to their users that rely on them everyday. For large brands looking to quickly bring connected health to their consumers, we jumpstart tech efforts by using our expertise to speed time to market through simple, sophisticated devices that leverage complex technologies to improve health.

From the first Bluetooth barcode scanner in to the first connected toothbrush using augmented reality in , Baracoda has been at the forefront of innovation for the past 18 years. From augmented reality to data control, and AI to behavioral analysis, Baracoda has the expertise to transform ideas into industrial objects.

Beyond its in-house expertise, Baracoda has created an exceptional talent management ecosystem, demonstrating its ability to partner with leading academic institutions and top brands. For example, our connected toothbrush, designed and developed by our subsidiary Kolibree, is marketed worldwide by Colgate. Data is at the heart of what we do. From the initial idea to the industrial object, we create products and services that transform usage habits and revolutionize markets. Following the digital disruption in the areas of well-being, health, and data, we form part of a new generation of industrialists who are convinced that scalable and connected everyday objects are the future of the experience economy.

Des balbutiements de l’informatique au règne du tout numérique

Around the world, from developing countries to modern societies, healthcare challenges are compromising our way of life. From the food supply chain to the air we breathe, as a global community, we are seeing our impact on this earth. And our health is paying the price. Baracoda Group believes that technology can help slow the advances of environmental and economic impacts on our health by allowing us to monitor, measure and immediately gain access to critical knowledge, tools and technologies that can prevent health problems before they take hold.

We also believe in people power - given the right tools and information, people will take a proactive approach to preventative care. Finally, we believe in science and the medical community and its ability to reach, educate and continually strive for new advances to the challenges we face today. This combination of people, technology and medical science will open up completely new avenues for making our lives better and healthier each day.

By partnering we can have a greater impact in a shorter amount of time and even save lives. Baracoda Group is a part of this new evolution of medical science and technology and we hope you will join us in this effort. We believe prevention today is the cure for tomorrow.

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  • Our connected health devices and platforms leverage technology in order to discover, monitor and educate consumers about new habits that can prevent health problems before they begin. The key to prevention is healthier habits and effective maintenance. That's why we design connected objects that have a major impact on the daily health and well-being of consumers, allowing them to change their behavior to improve their health and lifestyle for themselves and their family. We place partnership ahead of everything else. We know that the right partnerships require trust, time and close collaboration.

    That is how Baracoda Group came to be what it is today. Our 3 shareholders began working together over 18 years ago with a dream of building technologies that make lives better.

    L’empire de l’intelligence

    Today we speak in terms of years and decades with our partners so they know we are with them for the long haul. Baracoda brings new life to IoT devices. We leverage cutting-edge technologies and objects such as mirrors, sleep aids and toothbrushes to deliver new features, functionalities and experiences to users. More importantly our platforms encourage new behaviors and daily habits that keep users engaged and connected over time. Baracoda opens opportunities.

    Baracoda Group companies build products that increase the consumer experience for multiple markets including, healthcare, home appliances, hospitality, insurance, real estate and retail. With patent pending technologies, Baracoda Group is a leading connected health company. We build platforms and devices you can trust and experiences that users and consumers engage with day after day. Founded in by three partners, Thomas Serval, Matthieu Delporte, and Olivier Giroud, Baracoda quickly became the world leader in data capture solutions using Bluetooth technology. The company designed and launched a range of disruptive products, including the first Bluetooth barcode reader, the first Bluetooth GPS, and the first wireless radio in partnership with Orange.

    Drawing on its strong innovation culture and its expertise in Big Data and artificial intelligence, Baracoda gradually diversified its activities while developing its integrated industrial capacity. The company went global in , after opening a research center in Hong Kong and, in , a software development unit in Poland. In , with around thirty patents, and having become a major and recognized player in IoT innovation in France and abroad, Baracoda announced a partnership between its subsidiary Kolibree and Colgate to distribute the first connected electric toothbrush in the Apple store.

    Today, Baracoda combines all the skills of a 21st century company: the importance of object design, vertical integration of industrial design and production, artificial intelligence in the service of everyday objects connected and operated by secure software, business partnerships with leading brands. Its value proposition responds to new consumer expectations: a personalized, scalable, and perfectible experience according to individual usage practices.

    Matthieu began his career in a ministerial office before launching SavoirWeb, a software publisher. Director of several French and international companies specializing in big data, software, and connected objects, Matthieu is Managing Director of Baracoda Group and responsible for the administrative and financial management of the subsidiaries.

    Olivier has 15 years of experience in technology.

    Objectif :

    Olivier has held senior consulting positions at McKinsey before co-founding Flaminem, another Baracoda subsidiary. He holds master's degrees in science and mathematics from Ecole Polytechnique and Telecom Paristech. She was in charge of several HR related topics in big technological international groups HP and Microsoft , industrial groups Schneider Electric and startups.

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    At Baracoda, Sophie is leading Human Resources. Mickael is an entrepreneur with over 17 years of experience in product design and electronic manufacturing.

    Aïe Aïe Aïe !

    Chloe believes that Baracoda is making the most of our connected world, to help us reach well-being and bringing health prevention to all. Created in , Kolibree has one focus: improve global oral hygiene with its innovative connected solutions. Through its proprietary technology, the company provides a personalized, interactive tooth brushing experience for children and adults: to best understand their own personal habits, users can engage with their dental hygienists and reinvent their family routine in new imaginative ways.

    As a key player in prevention, Kolibree collaborates in studies with world-leading professionals and academic organizations. And its partnerships with popular retail brands and insurers makes its technology available to all: the Colgate Smart Electronic Toothbrush E1 with embedded Artificial Intelligence is the first Powered by Kolibree product, to be found in any Apple Store in the US.